Datum Point

SARS-CoV-2: when does the calm become the perfect storm?

A Datum is any point, line, or surface reference from which dimensions can be determined.

Datum Point

Lack of implantation of an embryo: when the numbers count

A Datum is any point, line, or surface reference from which dimensions can be determined.

Biomarker & Bioanalytical expertise

Synexa Life Sciences has been providing expert insights for the clinical development of therapeutics for almost 20 years.

Insights that will improve the quality of decision-making through each stage of a therapeutic’s development.

Invaluable insight into the bioanalytical profile of large molecule therapeutics.

Research & Development

An expanding series of R&D programs that form the foundation for future services and products.


Vectors are objects which have both magnitude and direction.

Clinical Trials

The value of biomarkers

Biomarkers are the keystone of R&D productivity, creating value through:

Elucidation of Mechanism

Biomarkers provide indispensable reflections of a therapy’s mechanism of action in terms of safety, efficacy, and application.

Enriched patient populations

Biomarker-based stratification can be used to enrich patient populations to reduce trial size, duration, and cost.

Enhanced pipeline management

Biomarkers are critical tools in the prioritisation of products within a pipeline and the management of R&D capital allocation.

Expedited regulatory approval

Biomarker information is a key component of the “Totality of Evidence” required to push a compound over the evidentiary threshold for regulatory approval.

End-to-end biomarker analysis services


Global servicing capabilities


Discovery of new biomarkers


Method Development & Validation


Advising biomarker selection


Portfolio of validated assays




Results interpretation and insight


Bridging the gap between science and life.

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